Swim-Run Season Starts May 2nd

The Committee

The BAD Tri team are here to ensure the club develops and delivers the right training and support for its members. But being such a developing club, the huge array of tasks just keeps growing, so if you would like to help, especially in leading training rides/runs please shout. Your help is appreciated.
The team consists of a mix of experienced and novice triathletes, both male and female. This ensures the club meets the needs of members of all abilities.
If you have an email for any of the BADTri team please visit our contact us page.

Nadia Saba

Nadia has been on the triathlon scene since 1998, and given that she only has one speed she prefers to do it over the longer distances. She also enjoys a wide range of other activities, such as adventure racing and pie eating contests.
Having escaped the law (as a solicitor, not a criminal) a few years ago, she now earns her kit shopping money working in HR, Equality & Diversity for the Police.
She is the Bad Tri Chairperson, and also one of the Coaches. She was moved to set up the club when she kept meeting potential triathletes in Bristol who just needed a bit of encouragement. In her view, the sum is greater than the parts that make up the whole: better together!

Wendy Brown

Vice Chair
Wendy competes in all sorts of races, but having had 2 Junior Browns in recent years has put paid to any plans to take over the world triathlon scene. Her first triathlon was completed slowly on a ropey mountain bike. Since then she has become speedier since upgrading to a trusty road steed.
Professionally she's a legal Beagle. She also eats lots of cake and can burp the alphabet.

Kate Ross

Kate has to dust off her bike every once in a while, but in the meantime she kicks **** in the pool. She's a stockbroker by day, but also helps us out by coaching for the club and being our secretary.

Russell Cox

Head Coach
Russell was a late starter when it came to sports, avoiding exercise until his mid-twenties. Once he started, he was hooked and within 5 years of his first 10K he took an extended work break to travel the world training and racing.

Eighteen Ironmans later, including a couple of trips to Kona, Russell returned home determined never to work in an office again. Since then he's built a career in coaching helping many age groupers to achieve their racing goals.

It's rare you'll find Russell in the pool now, but he spends a few hours a week coaching from the side and producing detailed videos for his swim analysis sessions.

James Fox

James is the head honcho of the Bristol branch of Rathbones, so we totally trust that he knows how to look after our finances. He is also a black belt. Don't mess with him.

Tom Dixon

Membership Secretary
Tom has been in triathlons for over 10 years, starting races of all distances from sprint to IronMan.
As Membership Secretary, Tom is the face behind many of the Club's email accounts and is responsible for fielding questions from potential, new and long-standing members and the production of membership cards and gifts. He is also on a constant hunt for additional member benefits, store discounts and ideas for next year's membership gift (suggestions welcome). Tom keeps a watchful eye on the messageboard to make sure everyone is behaving themselves and following the rules about advertising.
Tom is a member of the coaching team and the most likely person to ask to see your membership card at training sessions. He has been known to bring a register along to Saturday morning bike rides.

David Oziem

Dave has a dodgy knee, and is taking a long term sabbatical from Triathlon.
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