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Changes to University Pool Access

Changes to University Pool Access

If you swim at either of our University pool sessions there are major changes coming to the way you access the pool. A new card-based entry system is being put in place that will require all swimmers to present a card to access the facilities.

The University is happy to provide access cards to members for our sessions. These cards will specifically allow access at the times of those sessions.

If you swim in either session at the University Pool you will need to do the following:

  1. Register an account with Bristol University here: University of Bristol Sports Registration
  2. Send an email to to confirm you've registered an account and want an access card. 

We will be confirming the names of registered members with the University so that they can authorise the cards to access our sessions. In the future, without a card, it will be more difficult to enter the pool as the front desk may not be manned.

If you already use the University sports facilities and have a card you will still need to let me know that you'll require access to our sessions so that the appropriate authorisation can be added to your card.

Apologies for the additional hassle for those who swim at the Uni pool. This has been passed onto us at quite short notice and with limited information on how the change over will be implemented. We will update you with additional information as it becomes available.
Posted: 5th April 2019
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