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Session Attendance & Payment

Session Attendance & Payment

To attend most Bad Tri sessions members are required to book in and pay in advance. An hour's swim normally costs £4, this fee helps the club cover the cost of venue hire. At coached sessions the list can be easily checked to ensure everyone in attendance has remembered to pay. We know people sometimes forget or have issues with the system and coaches always do their best to resolve this in a way that allows members to swim. At sessions without coaches the club relies on an honour system - that members pay for the sessions they attend.

Unfortunately it’s become apparent over the past few months that the numbers attending such sessions are sometimes double the number who have booked in. This goes beyond simple forgetfulness and is unfair on those who make the effort to pay. While there may not be a coach present the club has paid for the exclusive use of lanes at these sessions.

Given this situation we will be taking registers at these sessions so we know who has attended and can ensure payment has been made. This requires some of our committee, who swim at these sessions, to spend time taking the register and to follow up to ensure payments are correct. In the worst case, if we’re unable to ensure fair payment by all we would have to consider whether a session remains viable.

In the past the club operated an Honesty Box which members could book into when they missed a payment for another session. Although this seemed like a good solution to the issue of forgotten payments, in practice the club saw an increase in the number of members turning up to sessions without paying that wasn’t matched by payments into the Honesty Box. So this is not an option for us at this time.

What this means for all our members is you should continue to book in and pay for the sessions you attend as the overwhelming majority of you do. You shouldn’t worry too much if you honestly forget or have an issue booking in - talk with the coach to resolve this issue or email to balance payment. In the meantime the club will put some additional checks in place to ensure everyone remembers to pay for the sessions they attend.
Posted: 25th January 2019
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