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Spin Classes are BACK - 5 reasons to join us!

Spin Classes are BACK - 5 reasons to join us!

Now summer is truly behind us, spin classes have started again at 19:15 on Tuesday nights in the spin studio at Vivo Gym on WelshBack.


Why Spin?

45 minutes of sweating it out in close proximity to a room of other equally moist triathletes might not sound much like your dream Tuesday evening, but don’t cross it off the list just yet...

While spinning is certainly no replacement for riding on the roads, here are a few reasons that might make you reconsider it as a worthwhile addition to your training plan:

1. Riding stationary means you can really focus on all of the variables—such as position, effort, cadence and gear selection—without any distractions like traffic and conditions. Focusing on these details will ultimately result in improved form and fitness.
2. Spinning is often more intense than an equivalent timed road ride. Now we admit this will depend on your effort and vary person to person, but how’s this as food for thought: You are essentially working with a man-made bike route that can defy possibilities. i.e. what goes up doesn’t necessarily get to come down again, and there’s no road clutter (traffic lights, junctions, pedestrians, cars) that could force you step off the pressure before you want/need to.
3. You can ride alongside people you could never keep up with on the road. So this doesn’t work for everyone, but there’s great joy in riding shoulder to shoulder with some club members who are usually long gone. And if you are lucky enough to be one of those members anyway, then you get to impress a whole new section of the club with your riding prowess!
4. You can let someone else do the hard work for you. Okay, so this depends on your definition of hard work, and in this case the hard work is the thinking. Spin classes are led by a trained instructor who will (just like with club swim and run sessions) take you through a thought-out session plan, with a specific purpose and goal.
5. So it might be boring, but our final reason is purely practical. Winter evenings are dark, wet and cold, and spinning is indoors. Need we say any more? When the evenings don’t permit or encourage a weekday ride, don’t slip and let that Eastenders addiction take hold; there really are no bad weather excuses in BadTri!!!

Decided it’s a great idea? What else do you need to know?

Bad Tri spin sessions take place on a Tuesday evening at WelshBack (now Vivo) Health and Squash Club in the city centre. BS1 4SB.
Book in online in the normal way as spaces are limited.
Turn up and let reception know you’re there for BadTri Spin, and they will point you in the right direction.
If you haven’t spun (span?) before don’t worry. Our friendly instructors will help set you up on the bike and explain the controls (it’s really straightforward!), and the joy of stationary bikes means you can take the class at your own level without being left behind! (Please arrive early if you need guidance.)
You’ll need gym kit, water and perhaps a towel. The bikes are compatible with SPD shoes, although standard toe clips on the other side mean normal trainers work perfectly well too.
Expect a mixture of strength, speed, sitting and standing work. But we promise you no funny 'aerobics on a bike' stuff - just straight up cycle fit!

See you there!
Posted: 26th February 2015
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