Club Kit on Sale

Club Kit

We currently have two designs of kit available - our original design and our new design. We are in the process of gradually changing from our original design to our new design. As and when we deplete stocks for a particular item of kit, it will be made available in the new design.

Original Design

Our original club kit was manufactured by Sugoi (for the Tri kit) and Kalas (for the bike kit). We are gradually running down stocks of this kit, so the range is no longer complete, nor may we have all sizes for a particular item. Our original club kit has been discounted. Prices are quite attractive, so hurry whilst stocks last!

You can buy the original club kit at Moti at 49 Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2LS. Our original club kit is available on a rack in the basement of Moti. You are welcome to try the kit on for size. If you cannot find your size then please speak to a member of staff in Moti or please contact us, selecting "Kit" as the subject line and we will get more kit to the store.

Moti do not ring our kit through their till, so you will either need to pay in cash or you will need to pay by cheque (made payable to BADTri). A price list is available next to the rail on which our kit is displayed.

We are enormously grateful to Moti for letting us use their store for kit. Perhaps you can also show your appreciation by purchasing something other than our kit there?

New Design

Our new club kit is available from Raceskin. The principle here is rather than holding vast amounts of stock and predicting the kit and sizes you might buy, our new club kit is manufactured to order. Initially, only Tri Suits and Speed Suits will be available in the new design and we will gradually introduce a larger variety of kit over time.

About three or four times a year we open our Club Shop at Raceskin for a two week period. We will announce this on our website as well as on Facebook. A sizing chart is available at Raceskin. Once you have decided on which kit you want, along with your desired size, visit our club shop at Raceskin and purchase the relevant items. The kit will then be posted to you five to six weeks after the shop closes.
Models are not included with the kit!