Swim-Run Season Starts May 2nd

Welcome to BAD Tri Junior Section

What is Triathlon?

Triathlon is a multi disciplinary continuous sport which requires the athlete to complete a swim, bike and run one after the other. The space of time (seconds really) in between is called "Transition" (a skill in itself) as you barely have time to change your shoes before the next leg of the event.

What do we do at BAD Tri Junior club?

We meet each Saturday at Henbury Leisure Centre and have two, two hour training sessions starting at either 3pm (until 5pm) or 4pm (until 6pm). All our coaches are DBS checked and are willing & qualified volunteers who are themselves members of BADTri. The first hour of each session alternates weekly between a bike and a run session and the second hour is a swim session. The format of the session starting at 4pm is the same as the session starting at 3pm.
All athletes are welcome from age 8 through to 17 years and sessions are tailored according to age and ability.
Please check if it is a run or bike week by checking out the calendar at the top of the home page.
Bike Sessions: (alternate weeks)
All bike session and run sessions are held at Henbury Leisure Centre. Please bring a well-maintained bike - brakes which work and tyres pumped up! Please wear a helmet as otherwise you won't be allowed to join in.
Run Sessions: (alternate weeks)
We sometimes run to the nearby Blaise Castle Estate for a mix of distance, multi terrain and hill reps training. Please always bring a drink in a suitable container.
Swim Sessions: (weekly)
Please note: We ask that all swimmers are able to complete a 50m swim for their own safety and enjoyment as these sessions are not "swimming lessons" - but are triathlon-specific training workouts. We would also ask you to be there so that the sessions can start on time.
Swimmers are allocated a lane which best suits their ability. The sessions are designed and aimed at developing our young athletes during the season and off-season. Each swim session will include a warm up, a main set and a swim down.
13pm - 4pmBike or run
4pm - 5pmSwim
24pm - 5pmBike or run
5pm - 6pmSwim

How much does it cost and how do I join?

Annual membership for Juniors is £20 and the year runs from April to March. If you would like to attend the club on a regular basis then you will need to join. Due to the facility space we have a membership cap of 160 athletes and will stop accepting memberships once this number has been reached. If you would like to join but there is no longer space; please be patient as you are likely to be able to join at the start of the new membership year. Once you are a member weekly charges will apply and are £6 per session. Payment is to be made through purchasing credits on line before you can then book onto a session. These fees are to cover the hire charges of Henbury Leisure centre.

We understand that triathlon is not for everyone and that you might like to test out the club before you join. If this is the case please send us an e-mail via the 'junior' drop down on the contact us webpage and we will allocate a week for you to attend. The cost to trial the session is the same as above plus a £1 day licence fee.


We hope to have a list here of all the recommended races in our region each season - however - there are some a bit further a field if you are willing and able to travel. For information please look at the British Triathlon Federation website.
You can also join BTF here if you like either as an individual or as a family membership - this will give you reduced entry fees to BTF licensed races.
Then look at which age group you are in - see the tables below which show the age groups together with the MAXIMUM distances you are able to race in your age group.
Triathlon (Swim/Bike/Run)
Grass / Tarmac
Tri Star Start8 years50m800m / 1.5km600m
Tri Star 19-10 years150m2km / 4km1200m
Tri Star 211-12 years200m4km / 6km1800m
Tri Star 313-14 years300m6km / 8km2400m
Youths15-17 years400m10km2500m
Duathlon (Run/Bike/Run)
Grass / Tarmac
Tri Star Start8 years400m800m / 1.5km200m
Tri Star 19-10 years1.2km2km / 4km400m
Tri Star 211-12 years1.6km4km / 6km600m
Tri Star 313-14 years2km6km / 8km800m
Youths15-17 years
Aquathlon (Swim/Run)
Tri Star Start8 years50m600m
Tri Star 19-10 years150m1.5km
Tri Star 211-12 years250m2km
Tri Star 313-14 years400m3km
Youths15-17 years400m5km
Ages are as at the 31st December, so you have to be the age shown in your section to race - otherwise you will have to move up a group.
Every young athlete has 2 years in each age group - so you won't be alone in thinking it's unfair - but it will be better next year.

Further Competition

If your young athlete would like to enter more races, then British Triathlon (BTF) South West Region support a series of events each year.
All athletes are awarded points for finishing and those who score the highest may be invited to compete for the South West Region against other athletes from around the country! So, if you fancy yourself as the next Brownlee or Jenkins - visit JustTriathlonSW to find all the information you need!

More Information, Contacts and Membership

If you would like more information about anything you have read here or if you think we should have included something - but have not - please Contact Us and we will endeavour to help.

BAD Tri Junior Club Championships

Please see below for recent results within the club championships:
Cross Country Results Saturday - 28 Feb
BAD Tri Odd down TT - 16-5-2015