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Adult BADTri Hoodie£24.00
BADTri Training Camp 2020 - Deposit£100.00
Velodrome Session 3 November 2019 - All others£25.00
Velodrome Session 3 November 2019 - Beginners£25.00

Booking Credits

Small 14£4.50£4.50
Small 26£6.75£4.50
Medium 120£21.25£4.25
Medium 230£31.88£4.25
Large 150£50.00£4.00
Large 2100£100.00£4.00
Large 3200£200.00£4.00

Credit Purchase Terms and Conditions

All bookable BAD Tri training sessions will be paid for in advance using pre-purchased credits. Non-bookable sessions will still be paid for with cash at the session.


In keeping with the current system, members may cancel their booking up to 3 hours in advance of the session whereby the credits will be credited back to their account. If the member does not cancel before the 3 hour cut off the credits will not be refunded. This removes the current system of fines and the blocking and un-blocking of members' ability to book sessions.

Transfer of places:

It is not be possible for members to transfer their booking to another member of their choosing inside the 3 hour cut off period. Members are encouraged to advertise the availability of last minute places on the messageboard.
Members who attend swim sessions speculatively or in response to a space being publicised on the messageboard will pay cash at the session. Spare places in any swim session are made available at the discretion of the lead coach for the session. An agreement between a non-attending booked member and a speculative attendee does not guarantee participation in the session.

Session Refunds:

By default refunds are not issued to members who do not attend a session for which they have booked. Refunds of credits may be issued at the discretion of the BAD Tri Committee. Previously refunds have been issued for:
  • Childbirth
  • Being involved in a road traffic accident on the day of the session.
In the event of a session being cancelled by BAD Tri or the venue at which the session is to be held credit refunds will be issued to all members still booked in to the session after the cut off.
Where they are made, session refunds will be made in credits and not cash value.

Credit Refunds:

The Club will refund 80% of the value of unused credits within 30 days of a request being made to Contact Us: 'Bookings'. Refunds will only be made by bank transfer or cheque.

Membership Renewal:

Credits are be associated with the member’s current membership number and will only be carried over between membership years if that member renews their membership within the stated renewal period. Credits lost due to late renewal will not be refunded.
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NB. BAD Tri kit is available to purchase from:
Moti Run-Fitness-Triathlon Store, 49 Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 2LS
We prefer payment via MasterCard or Visa (Credit or Debit). Not only does that keep our costs down, but we have also had issues with timely settlement from cards backed by other financial institutions.