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BAD Tri Buddies

What is BAD Tri Buddies?

BAD Tri Buddies is a scheme that allows you to contact members of the club to ask them questions about the club, advice on triathlon or training and maybe even arrange to meet them at training sessions. Each of the buddies below have a specialist topic area which allows you to get in touch with the person who you think will be most likely to be able to help you out and answer your questions. To use the service simply e-mail: ?????????? with the name of the buddy you want to speak to in the subject box and your questions in the e-mail. Our buddy co-ordinator will forward your e-mail on to your chosen buddy and they will get in touch with you.

Buddy Co-ordinator

Name Here

Name is our Buddy co-ordinator and also a Buddy. All initial e-mails will go through to Name before being forwarded on to the buddy of your choice. Name is an accomplished triathlete with a number of years of triathlon experience at all distances however name prefers the shorter sprint and standard distances and has competed at several age-group world championships. If you have questions for name please e-mail: