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Club Championship

This is your chance to complete with your fellow club members for a coveted custom BADtri champions jersey.


To bring club members together in their racing, competition and support whilst giving new members a structure to their season in an environment where they will be encouraged. To support local races and clubs whilst encouraging our members to volunteer and support our own events and training. To raise the profile of BADtri as a club in the locality, encourage new memberships and drive a team ethos.


To be eligible for the championship members must sign up when registering as a member, there is a cost of £2 to be entered into the championship, this will go right back into making the championship happen with any excess going to the club charity.
To win the championship you must volunteer at a club event. Qualifying events include the races, service on the committee or as a regular coach or helper with the juniors. Other volunteering opportunities are available but must be cleared with the championships team who you can contact through the "contact us" section of the website.


When you sign up there will be two categories; aspiring and inspiring.
  • The aspiring category is for athletes who are either just starting out at triathlon or feel that they race at a beginner or intermediate level
  • The inspiring category is for those who feel that they compete at the upper levels in their gender and age group. If you have a few seasons of regular racing then you are likely to be in the inspiring category.
If any aspiring athlete finishes within 110% of the race winners time they will atomically be moved to the inspiring category.

Any athlete who has won the inspiring category in the preceding year will be automatically move up to inspiring.

If you feel you have enetered the wrong category please contact us.


At all events we will arrange a lift share discussion, ride out and social at the event. If you are not competing please come along and volunteer either with the event or with our support team!
The championship will include 6 events only and these are listed below, all events range from super sprint to standard distance and have a mix of pool and open water:
  • 23rd April – Burnham on Sea (Pool) Details Here
  • 7th May - Cotswold Super Sprint (OW) Details Here
  • 11th June - Bristol Harbourside Triathlon (standard distance only for champs) Details Here
  • 2nd July - Clevedon Triathlon (OW) Details Here
  • 9th August - Portishead Sprint Triathlon (pool) Details Here
  • Hill Climb – Club event
You will be responsible for entering the events you choose in the normal way direct with the organisers.

Don't forget to list your club as BAD Tri on the entry form.

If you do not do this you will not be eligible for the championship.

Scoring Points

Scores work like this:
  • First club member in gender and category: 10 points then 9 8 7…3 2 1
  • Additional 5 points for an overall win
  • Additional 3 points for a category win
  • Additional 5 points for racing and completing all the series
The winner at the end of the season will be the racer who has accrued the most points.


The club championship prizes will be given at the end of every season. Each season the winner of each category and gender will win a club champions cycling jersey. These will be printed with the category are year. The male and female winners of the hill climb will win the special club KOM cycling jersey (there are not inspiring and aspiring categories for the hill climb)
  • Champion Jersey White (image to follow)
  • Champion Jersey Black (image to follow)
  • King of the Mountains Polka Dot Jersey (image to follow)