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Anti-Doping Policy

Our club is committed to making our sport a clean sport environment. We therefore fully subscribe to British Triathlon's Clean Sport Commitment. In summary:
  • The British Triathlon Federation supports the mission of UKAD and WADA in achieving Clean Sport
  • All athletes are expected to play, train and compete in line with the spirit of sport including the Anti-Doping Rules
  • All coaches and athlete support personnel are expected to perform their role in line with the spirit of sport, including the Anti-Doping Rules
  • BADTri is committed to supporting the prevention of doping behaviour in the UK in collaboration with other sporting bodies
  • The BADTri committee and its coaches will not condone, assist, or in any way support the use of prohibited substances and methods (unless permitted by a Therapeutic Use Exemption) in any aspects of their work
  • Breaches of this, or any rules/policies referred to in British Triathlon’s own code of practice/conduct, will be acted upon accordingly
  • The BADTri committee and its coaches will be expected to contact UKAD should they become aware of an athlete or a member of a National Governing Body using or considering the usage of a prohibited substance or prohibited method. This contact should be done in confidence on the dedicated confidential Report Doping in Sport line
  • BADTri will uphold any sanctions placed upon an athlete by UK Anti-Doping or other associated body in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code
Visit UKAD and WADA for further details, if required.