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BAD Tri Affiliation

We are affiliated with three regulatory bodies:
This means that you can race under the BAD Tri name at triathlons, duathlons, aquathlons, road cycling races and time trials.
For the multi-sport events, you will still have to pay a day membership fee if you are not also a member of Triathlon England. We strongly recommend that members of BAD Tri also join Triathlon England, not just to avoid paying the day membership fees, but also to gain the benefits of insurance coverage whilst training and a well-supported infrastructure for the growth of our favourite sport, amongst others. Also, joining Triathlon England is cheaper for a BAD Tri member than for a non-member.
For the road time trials, you can race under BAD Tri name without having to pay a day membership fee. We are members of Western Time Trials Association, which will enable members to time trial in some South West series.
We have considered affiliating with UK Athletics, but have decided against it for the time-being, as the cost and administrative demands of doing so are vastly disproportionate to the benefits to our members. It would increase BAD Tri membership fees by more than 60% and would confer limited benefits to a limited number of BAD Tri members. The last member survey included a vote on this and the majority elected to not affiliate with UK Athletics at this time. We will of course look into this again should the regulations governing this change or the executive committee vote in favour of affiliation.
Happy training and racing with BAD Tri!